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We provide full service grant writing, final editing, or targeted help to build grant writing skills and capacity within your own team.  Through years of experience, we have developed systems to create proposals that are both technically correct and highly readable. We have thought through every step and been through it all before.  We provide capable project management and exacting quality assurance throughout, making the grants process manageable, sane, and even enjoyable.

  • We interpret the nuances of an RFP;

  • Research best practices;

  • Think through the program design with you;

  • Help you construct budgets;

  • Write a compelling narrative;

  • Help you create and gather required attachments;

  • Complete required forms;

  • Submit a final application.




Prices are determined on a per-project basis, contact us for an estimate, but here are our general price ranges:

  • Full Service Government Grant: $6,000-$17,000

  • Full Service Foundation Grant: $2,500-$8,000

  • Editing only:  $1,000-$5,000



When you engage with us, you hire us to be part of your agency’s team, not to replace your team. We can take a lot of the load off of your shoulders, but a successful grant writing process will still demand time and effort from you. For each project, we’ll give you a clear, detailed list on what we’ll need from your team to make the project a success. In our grant writing projects, you would be generally responsible for:


  • Providing needs data;

  • Prior grant information;

  • Agency background and capacity;

  • Program design information;

  • Budget information;

  • Securing matching funds (when necessary);

  • Review of all narratives and forms;

  • Gathering signatures;

  • Other necessary documentation such as financial statements or insurance certificates.

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